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The delights of a one-day fast

A short daily fast is very useful for the body. It makes it possible to purify it, stimulate the function of the immune system, keep the body in good shape and even cure some diseases. And even if a person is hungry one day a week, then with the right approach to this process, such a system will make it possible to get a tangible effect. How to properly fast for 1 day, how to get out of fasting and how to transfer a 24-hour abstinence from food correctly, will be discussed in the article below.

One-day fasting: benefits and harms

The fact that with the help of such one-day fasts, you can gradually lose weight is also confirmed by scientists. So, experts from the United States in the course of the study confirmed that even with abstinence from food for one day a month, positive changes occur in the body.

Researchers reported that with regular fasting for one day a month, the risk of vascular and heart diseases decreases by 40%. One-day fasting has a positive effect on the health of people suffering from asthma: they are less likely to have seizures. Moreover, short-term stress for the body “spurs” the immune system, which reduces the risk of developing oncological processes.

However, before starting such a practice, it is necessary to clearly know what the benefits and harms of daily fasting are.


If you practice abstinence from food for one day for a long time, you can achieve many positive changes in the state of the body:

  • reduce weight and correct figure flaws;
  • get rid of some unpleasant diseases, because during the period of hunger, the pancreas “rests”;
  • overcome colds faster;
  • improve the functions of internal organs;
  • rejuvenate the body by improving the condition of the skin, hair;
  • activate metabolic processes in the body;
  • stimulate the function of the immune system;
  • improve the state of the intestinal microflora;
  • reduce the likelihood of developing severe heart and vascular diseases, etc.;
  • get rid of food addiction and an indomitable desire to constantly chew something;
  • train self-control and willpower.


During the period of abstinence from food, some unpleasant sensations may appear:

  • nausea and dizziness;
  • feeling of weakness, drowsiness and fatigue;
  • at first, acne may appear on the face and body;
  • the state of irritability and stress;
  • some people find it difficult to tolerate even one day of hunger.


Who should not starve

Even a short period of absence of any food can cause harm in some cases. There are the following contraindications to one-day fasting:

  • pronounced weight deficit;
  • malignant tumors;
  • other serious diseases – active tuberculosis, blood and heart diseases, diabetes mellitus;
  • severe renal or hepatic insufficiency;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • thyrotoxicosis, etc.


If you get out of such a system incorrectly, then you can significantly harm the body even for a one-day period without food. It is very important to get out of hunger gradually, so as not to load the gastrointestinal tract, rushing from one extreme to another. Therefore, in the morning after a hungry day, you should never pounce on food.

It is best to start getting out of fasting in the evening a day after it starts. In the evening, first of all, you need to eat fresh vegetables or fruits. A smoothie or vegetable puree is suitable, as well as a vegetable salad. For example, you can chop carrots and cabbage and season this salad with olive oil and lemon juice. This salad is the best option, as it allows you to clean the digestive tract well. In the evening, you can also cook stewed or baked vegetables and start getting out of hunger and them. This evening, you should not consume animal food – eggs, milk, meat.

Important tips

  • To facilitate the process of fasting, you need to spend it on one and the same day of the week all the time. This way the body adapts faster to such a schedule.
  • It is worth warning the closest people about their intentions, so that they support and do not tempt them to break away from the process. At first, you should remove delicious and flavorful products from the visibility zone in order to simplify your task.
  • It is worth preparing dishes in advance for the correct exit from such a diet.
  • In no case should you allow yourself even small indulgences. Otherwise, such unloading will lose its meaning, and it will be very difficult to get used to the system later.
  • During the period of hunger, you need to find something for yourself that will give you the opportunity to distract yourself and think less about how you want to eat.
  • One more important factor for success is the right mood. A person should believe that he is starving for health, improving well-being and appearance. And the realization that tomorrow he will be able to eat, will be an incentive to withstand a relatively short time of hunger.
  • You can start practicing such a hunger with someone for the company. In this case, it will be much easier to withstand it psychologically, because you can share your experience and your feelings with a like-minded person.
  • It is not necessary to believe that such abstinence from food can pose any danger to the body. If a person is healthy, he may well not eat for a day.